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Laser cutting

We offer you our services of laser cutting, which are based on the latest machines produced by the Trumpf Company.

With application of these machines we provide precise cutting of complicated shapes with acquiring the high quality of the edge and repeatability, which has never been available before.

Thanks to it, every time we can provide you finished elements, which doesn’t require further finish processing.
In order to achieve the best set of details and to decrease the amount of culls, we use the specialize TruTops software, which cooperate with our machines.

The thickness of processed sheet metals:
  • Black steel up to 25 mm,
  • • Stainless steel up to 20 mm,
  • • Aluminum up to 12 mm


Our machines:
  • TRUMPF TruLaser 3030 4kW Fiber
  • TRUMPF TruLaser 3030 5kW
  • TRUMPF TruLaser 5030 6kW Fiber



We provide our clients the following things:

  • the lowest prices,
  • short periods of realization,
  • the highest quality of services,
  • big supply of sheet metals, which are off-the-shelf,
  • wide range of additional services on the elements



New complementary service:

Thanks to installation of specialized machine for surface processing, the elements after laser cutting we automatically may be the subject of the following processes:

removing the oxides,

rounding the edges,

layering the touch on the stainless elements


With our new HRC 50/750 machine we can do levelling of punched or laser-cutted parts from 0,5mm till 12mm with width till 750mm.


Every time the price of performing the cutting service is pitched after shuffling through the technical documentation of the detail. In order to cut off the turnaround time, we ask our clients about delivering the documentation as *.dwg, *.dxf or*.geo files in 1:1 scale

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Our clients:


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